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Delivery Options

When can I expect a delivery?

For our customers we offer 4 types of delivery options, with delivery hours being Monday - Friday 8:00am - 7:00pm

- One-Time Delivery (same day): $10.00 + 10% of grocery bill

(helpful for those last minute must haves or every day time constraints)

- One-Time Delivery (next day): $10.00 + 10% of grocery bill

(helpful when planning your next meal, planning for the upcoming week)

- Weekly Delivery: $5.00 + 10% of grocery bill

(helpful when planning for big events such as family dinners, or even grocery budgeting) 


-Custom Plan / Sponsor Someone in Need

(contact us to discuss custom plans and sponsoring someone who needs help with their shopping)

*cash/cheque payment at the door or via e-transfer (cart2kitchengrocery@gmail.com)

Store Options: What Stores Can I Order From?


We are flexible in the sense of providing numerous options for our customers. Most of our customers prefer we shop at the local grocery stores (Sobeys, Superstore, Costco, Walmart, Pete's Frootique) but we do not limit our shopping to just these stores. We have also made trips to organic local markets and independent stores for customers.


We also provide custom shopping orders (for gifts, clothes, fast food, and other miscellaneous). We will shop where you tell us to and deliver it right to your door! We do not limit ourselves to only groceries, again we are flexible with our deliveries and can negotiate fair prices for larger household items too.